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EMS Week 2019

EMS WEEK May 19-25

For many people EMS week which is just another work week, But for the people in the world of EMS it’s a week to reflect on and to think of what we do.

In 1973 president Gerald Ford authorized Emergency Medical Services “EMS” week to acknowledge and celebrate those in the field of EMS. A lot has changed since 1973 we have gone from a ”Load and Go” attitude in Cadillac ambulance to Paramedic’s with 30 different drugs and heart monitors that send your EKG right to the hospital from the back of the ambulance, something that has not changed is the type of person that does this kind of work.

The pay is not great, often working long hours day in and day out is just a normal part of the job, but the reward cannot be measured in money or time, a simple thank you or a half smile from a scared child is all you might get, but what a feeling that is.

The EMT’s that shows up you to care for you doesn’t care what you or your house looks like or what car you drive, they are there for you and everyone gets the best care we can that they can possibly  provide.

The Greene Emergency Squad Inc. has both career and volunteer members and is always looking to expand our membership, if you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a part of the EMS family, or have questions on what it would take to become an EMT, or would like to do a ride along, please come to our open house on May 25 5-7pm or visit our web site at Greene Emergency Squad Inc .com

We look forward to seeing you.