Emergency Medical Services 24/7 in Greene, NY

  Contact : 607-656-5688

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any that aren’t here, feel free to contact us!

What hospitals do you go to?

The GESI is governed by a couple of rules – we transport patients to the nearest appropriate hospital. Generally, those include Wilson (UHS facility in Johnson City), Binghamton General (also UHS), Our Lady of Lourdes, and Chenango Memorial Hospital (in Norwich).

How do I join?


Easy! Be sure to print off an application here. Once you fill out an application and submit it, a couple things will happen.

  1. The officers of the GESI will review your application
  2. The application will be presented to the members at the next monthly meeting
  3. Soon after, you should get a call for an interview or a letter
  4. We’ll let you know the rest if you get an interview!

Why did I get a bill?

The Greene Emergency Squad doesn’t get any money from taxes. We are a nonprofit organization. Money received goes toward maintaining our building, ambulances, medical equipment, training, and staff.

What happens when I call 911?

Firstly, remember that 911 is for emergencies! Secondly, stay calm!

When you call 911 in Chenango County, you will be in contact with Chenango County Dispatch in Norwich, NY. They will automatically call the closest appropriate agency. You will then be asked some basic questions in order to get you the right services.

No matter where you are, if you dial 911 – someone will get you what you need!


Is the GESI paid or volunteer?

The Greene Emergency Squad, Inc. is run by volunteers. However, in order to make sure the medical needs of the community are met, there are paid staff members who man the station from 6am until 6pm. Our strong tradition of volunteerism continues by providing coverage 6pm until 6am