Emergency Medical Services 24/7 in Greene, NY

  Contact : 607-656-5688

The Greene Emergency Squad, INC. was officially formed on December 2, 1947 with 12 members and was part of the Greene Fire Department.
In 1947, the Greene Emergency Squad purchased their first ambulance and answered 43 calls. Supplies and maintenance were funded through the Village of Greene, donations, drives, and public subscription. Since 1963, the Greene Emergency Squad have had two ambulances in service. Currently the GESI has three fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances with state of the art equipment and answer 800 calls on average (per year).
The Greene Emergency Squad had previously operated on a volunteer basis as part of the Greene Fire Department from 1947 until 2007.
Today, the GESI continues to provide care to the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is now staffed by career personnel during the day, Monday through Sunday with volunteers at night.
The GESI is responsible for responding to 75 square miles in Greene and 50 square miles in Smithville, our primary coverage areas.