Emergency Medical Services 24/7 in Greene, NY

  Contact : 607-656-5688

Emergency Medical Services 24/7

The Greene Emergency Squad Inc (GES) provides emergency ambulance services to the Village and Town of Greene New York and is also the primary ambulance service Smithville Flats and other surrounding communities. The GES is equipped with 3 advanced life support (ALS) ambulances to provide the latest in high tech & quality emergency care. The Greene ambulance district between the village and town covers 76.6 square miles in Greene, and 51.9 in Smithville. A total of 127.6 square mile of primary coverage,

The Greene Emergency Squad responds to a wide variety of emergencies including but not limited to medical emergencies, motor vehicle collisions, fire emergencies, and natural disasters. The GES is also available to standby for community and sporting events whenever needed.

The squad is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year by volunteer EMT’s and drivers. Everyday we are staffed by a career EMS crew along with coverage from our dedicated volunteers.